Stages Active Meditations

Please read the instructions carefully. You will benefit immensely from it!



The New Kundalini Meditation


How to use this Active Meditation?

You can do this meditation technique in any way that works well for you. You can do the whole meditation, or play with the stages separately.

Stage 1 is to shake off any tensions and to melt the hard rock that you’ve become… Stage 2 is origanally a Qigong exercise. It is for grounding and centering, for gathering energy in the lower Dan Tian (Energy Centre in the belly, just below the navel). Stage 3 is for deep relaxation.


General information about active meditations

Being still, sitting silently is one of the most difficult things for people from the West. When sitting silently we experience everything but stillness, everything but inner peace or inner silence… In fact, we become aware of the constant chattering  of our inner voices. We feel restless in the body and restless in the mind. Scientists found out that we think 40,000 – 60,000 thoughts per day! Therefore, my guru Osho inventerd Active MEditations: First being totally active, releasing stress and tensions from the Body and Mind. This will lead the meditator naturally to a deep inner silence. You are not the doer, you are the observer, a neutral witness, untouched, pure. You are pure consciousness…


Activity and Stilness

Give yourself completely into the active part of the meditation. Give everything. The more you give in the active stage, the more you let go of your control mechanisms, the more you will benefit. Let your active doing be effortless. As a result your stilness and silence will come easy and will be profound… Surrender to the sensations and enjoy!





Stage 1: Shake

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Toes point forward, or slightly inward. You could also stand as is being done in Qigong, putting your feet together, letting the inner feet touch.

Then, bend your knees well and tilt your pelvis gently (bringing your tailbone down). Now shake your whole body loose. Let the shaking start from the feet and the knees. This will create waves of movement and shaking throughout the whole body, going up and down… Do it and simultaneously allow it, surrender to it. You can shake off anything that you are holding onto in your life: tensions, frustrations, tiredness, resistance, anything… LET GO! Sometimes the shaking is subtle and sometimes it will be stronger with bigger movements. Sometimes you do it and sometimes it happens by itself. Surrender, and become the shaking… Breathing in and out through the mouth, the jaw is relaxed and the mouth is open… Every now and then allow your neckmuscles to relax, so the head shakes it bit with the rest of the body. This helps you to let go off the mind, of your control... Let go!


Stage 2:  3CM (Three Centers Merge)

Stand completely still. Feet are at hip distance, toes are pointing slightly inwards. Bend your knees. Push the lower back gently backwards. Meaning the lower back is slightly round. Don't use force. Bringing the tailbone down. (For practitioners of Qugong: gently push Mingmen backwards).  Bringing the fingertips – also the thumbs – closely together in front of your navelcentre, or just below the navel, in front of your lower belly. Or hara as the japanese say.. The fingertips are almost touching. Holding the ball of energy… Bring all your attention to your navelcentre. Breathing in and out from your navelcentre. Let the energy from the earth flow through the feet and legs to the lower belly. Let the energy from the Universe/Sky flow through the crown of your head, and your chest to the navelcentre. Also let the energy flow from the hands and arms throughyour shoulders and chest into the navelcentre…


Stage 3: Melt into Oneness

Sit up straight in a meditation position, or lay down on your back and relax completely. In this case, lay down as yogis do at the end of their yoga practice. Whetehr sitting or lying, the more you relax, the easier it is to be aware, to be in meditation. Whether you are sitting or lying should make no difference… Observe your body and breath. You have a loving and kind attention for yourself. You could place or rest your hands softly on your lower belly or navelcentre. This will help you to stay centered. When you lay down, keep your body and breath awareness clear and sharp. Be present in this very moment!



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