Chakra Journey - Breath and Sound

For Whom?

On your yoga path, sooner or later, you will start a journey from the gross physical body to the subtle pranic body! Do you want to experience more than just the material world and your physical body? It is possible! We will make an adventurous journey through our 7 most important chakra’s. You will clearly feel and connect with your energy body, your aura, your chakra’s…



The focus in ‘The Chakra Journey’ is on experiencing the direct connection  between breath and energy, the experiencing and localising of your chakra’s, and the expansion of your consciousness. You’ll be giving yourself a huge energy boost! This workshops is experiential, meaning there is no theory. Far more interesting than intellectual information from books, is your own personal experience of your chakra’s and energy body.


What will we be doing and experiencing?

The first part of this workshop is very active and dynamic. You will breathe, move and make sounds in your 7 chakra’s… We will travel from the root chakra, up to the crown chakra, and back… Three times. Everything within you will tingle and vibrate… After the break we will continue with the more sensitive second part of the workshop: We will make soft harmonic sounds in our 7 chakra’s. Here also we journey up and down three times… The breath- and meditation techniques that we apply, will enhance and liberate the pranic flow (= life force) in your body. You will discover breathing inhibitions and –patterns. You will improve your inhale and exhale.


Your workshop guides

Arno Nistal ten Veen began with meditation and self-healing at the age of 16. He met many masters, shamans, and teachers. Since 1991 Osho is his Guru. He has been a breathing therapist for 30 years now. He is also a Yoga Teacher and Chi Neng Qigong instructor and has been schooled in many meditation- and therapeutic techniques from his enlightened master Osho. From all his experiences, Arno created this beautifull workshop ‘The Chakra Journey’.

Ilanit grew up as a young child in several Osho communes. She was always surrounded by spirituality and meditation.

Arno & Ilanit fell in love in 2020 and both their passion is to support and coach people in  their spiritual growth processes. “We joined forces and offer a series of workshops.  We share the same passions in life and also have the same Guru: Osho!


We love sharing our love, experience and qualities with you and are looking forward to meeting you.”

In de workshop ademen we diep in, naar de chakra's toe, we bewegen met de handen bij de energie centra en we raken soms de chakra's aan terwijl we diep ademen.

Svadisthana Chakra is je

sacrale chakra.

Staat o.a. voor seksualiteit, creativiteit en levensenergie.

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