Breathing Exercise: Pure Consciousness

During my individual coaching and in the workshops I teach, I offer a different breathing technique than the one right here.. This one is a very good basis for deepening the breath and learning to decondition the breath.


This technique is the Alpha and the Omega. It is the beginning, the basis, but also the end. You can practice this always and everywhere.


Here we go:
Sit down in a quiet place, with a straight spine. For the next 5 – 15 minutes observe your breath as it is. Remember: observing is not analysing and is also not judging. Be neutral… Follow your breath with loving and kind attention. Thoughts will come and distract you. Just bring your attention back to the breath. Again and again.

Sometimes this might be needed every other second, because the thinking is fast, and chaotic… Instead of stepping on the train of thoughts, going along with it and loosing yourself in it, just stay focussed. Focus on the breath, focus on your feelings, on your physical sensations. Feel the breath moving in and out of the body.

Feel how your belly, chest and sides of the ribs are expanding on your inhale. Inhale without much effort. And feel how the exhale is a deep letting go, a surrender, a relaxation. Let your exhale be completely effortless. The longer you will observe the breath, the easier it will go and the deeper and fuller it will become… Relax! It is through your relaxation and loving and kind attention that the breath will slowly expand, that the stress on the breathing muscles will soften.

Allow this shift to a deeper relaxation and a deeper breathing over the 5 -15 minutes while you do the exercise. Make sure that you are not the one doing it. You are allowing it….

In fact, you are not doing anything. You are just pure awareness. Pure Consciousness.

The more conscious you breathe, the more conscious you are!

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